Dan Malone

Lyran born MechWarrior (deceased)


Dan is the youngest child in a well-off family of lawyers and business-people based out of Acheron in the Lyran Commonwealth. As he grew up, it became obvious to his parents that he wasn’t the brightest laser in the mech bay and he had a penchant for getting into trouble (minor arson, shooting the neighbors dogs with a pellet gun, unruly behavior at school, etc.). In his early teens he was shipped off to military school in an attempt to focus his destructive behavior in a positive way.

Dan was an average student throughout his military school years, but his enthusiasm for blowing stuff up motivated him to get through the rigorous academics. He managed to pass Mechwarrior training without any problems, and he showed an aptitude for small arms and did well in infantry training.

After graduation, he declined military service with the Commonwealth, and much to his families dismay, signed up with his estranged great uncle’s mercenary unit; Biff’s Irregulars. This mercenary company primarily consisted of infantry and vehicles with a smattering of light and medium mechs for support. The company usually contracted with the Commonwealth and worked in the periphery, putting down rebellions and chasing pirates.

This arrangement was working well for Dan until January of 3059, when his uncle Biff was killed by lucky SRM hit to his Hatchetman’s cockpit (After his uncle’s remains were vacuumed out of the cockpit, the mech was passed to Dan via inheritance). Command of the unit fell to the ruthless and bloodthirsty Captain of Bravo Lance, Brad Sharpe. Sharpe led the company into a series of bloody campaigns, often working with the very pirates that they had previously fought against. After Dan was ordered to fire on a group of unarmed civilian refugees, he decided he had had enough and simply walked off the field with his Hatchetman and caught the first dropship off planet willing to take him.

Disowned by his family and on the run from Captain Brad Sharpe, Dan ended up on Solaris. It wasn’t long before he stumbled upon a Black Omen recruiter. The rest is history.

Personal Notes:

As mentioned before, Dan isn’t the smartest or quickest guy in the sphere. He is an able Mechwarrior (he knows the systems and protocols), but he is a little slow on the uptake and doesn’t ‘put it all together’ as well as his peers in the Black Omen company. Still, he is a dependable, if average mechwarrior.

Dan gets along with his fellow mechwarriors reasonably well, but he feels more at home with the infantry. This is probably due to his time in Biff’s Irregulars where he was primarily supporting the ground troops directly.

Appearances can be deceiving, and despite Dan’s bullish and simple attitude, people are often surprised that he is a fairly decent piano player. It is one of the few things Dan thanks his parents for pushing him into as a child.

Dan loves small arms, and has built up a small collection during his time with the company. His favorite piece is a gyrojet rifle acquired on Gallatea. He constantly laments not having had “a chance to blow anything up with it yet.”

Dan Malone

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