Devlin McBain

Marik born MechWarrior, Black Omen Commander


Devlin hails from the Free Worlds League. He was born on the planet Remulac to a middle class, white collar family. His father Gered was trained as a MechWarrior but chose a civilian life after meeting Devlin’s mother, Chen Mei. Devlin’s mother died of brain cancer when he was only 10 years old. After the death of his mother, his father decided to abandon the civilian life and rejoin the ranks of the MechWarriors. Disaffected with the political infighting rife within the League, Gered elected to eschew service as a House Marik Regular and instead signed on with a mercenary unit by the name of Carson’s Cavaliers. During this time, Devlin learned the ways of mercenary and MechWarrior life and became fascinated by stories of Solaris VII as told by some of the older hands in the unit. House Marik employed the Cavaliers along the Liao border where they executed objective raids on border worlds. When Devlin was old enough, he left his father and the Cavaliers to further his education at the Marik Military Science Academy. During his final year at the Academy, his father was killed in action in a raid on the planet Jasmine. Shortly after graduating, Devlin decided to indulge his fascination with the Game World. After spending four years there with moderate success, he decided his skills would be better put to use on a battlefield rather than in an arena. After meeting up with a couple of other FWL expats, the trio traveled to Outreach to find a mercenary unit to join and found the current command was in an expansion phase. This contract with the Black Omen is Devlin’s first.

Devlin is a mixed breed, Russian on his father’s side and Chinese on his mother’s side. He speaks both English and Mandarin equally well (+2 in both). In his spare time, he can be found in a repair bay offering his tech skills to help wrench on ’Mechs, welding and sculpting metal into something resembling artful shapes. On most Friday nights, he can be found joining in any card games played for money he can get into.

Devlin McBain

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