Black Omen

Operation Sandworm, Briefing 1

Mission Overview:

An all out civil war has broken out on the Combine world of Garstedt. Anti-Combine religious fanatics have launched a terror campaign targeting civilian and military installations in an attempt to overthrow the local government. They have managed to seize several weapon caches and the attacks have escalated in intensity.

The 22nd Dieron Regulars stationed on Garstedt have been hard pressed in containing the rebels and several of their positions have been overrun. The Black Omen company has been hired to bolster the 22nd’s ’Mech forces and defend vital infrastructure.

The Black Omen will be staged in the city of Palepo, which is located on the western seaboard of the world’s largest continent. From this location, Black Omen forces will defend their assigned sector and prevent rebel forces from acquiring more territory.

The city is equipped with extensive desalinization and water storage facilities and provides most of the region’s water supply. This infrastructure is extremely valuable and must be protected at all costs.

Depending on the strategic situation, Black Omen forces may be called upon to support Combine forces attempting to retake lost territory or assist in other operations on the ground.

Mission Objectives:

  • Primary: Defend Palepo and its surrounding environs.
  • Secondary: Assist DCMS forces in anti-terror operations.


Geography and Climate:

The area of contention lies within the world’s largest continent, which is primarily hot and dry. It is dominated by vast deserts of rock and sand. This area is mineral rich and provides the bulk of the world’s GDP.


The rebel forces primarily consist of local militia and civilians. They are largely unskilled and unorganized, but their use of terror tactics (suicide bombings and indiscriminate warfare) have cowed the population into submission.

Their military equipment initially consisted of vehicles and infantry, but they were eventually able to acquire ’mech assets captured from overrun DCMS installations. This has greatly aided them in acquiring territory and keeping the DCMS garrison forces from mounting effective counter attacks.

It is unknown at this time how locals could have utilized the captured ’mechs so effectively, considering that they had none to begin with and were not known to have had the MechWarriors to pilot them or the technical expertise to repair them. Rumors are circulating that they may be receiving aid from an off-world entity…

It is estimated the rebels have been able to cobble together roughly a battalion worth of BattleMechs to augment their vehicle and infantry forces. Expect to see a mix of OmniMechs, Clan-upgraded Inner Sphere ’mechs, and Star League equivalent designs in addition to a wide variety of combat vehicles.

DCMS Forces:

The 22nd Dieron Regulars are known to be an elite and reliable unit, but during this time period their overall forces are at roughly half strength due to recent clashes with Clan Ghost Bear in the Kabah system. They are in the midst of a repair and refit cycle on Garstedt and this uprising could not have come at a worse time for them.

Do not expect ‘Mech reinforcements if things get dicey. However, the 22nd’s aerospace assets are in much better condition and have been able to operate freely in the AO. They may be able to perform CAS or reconnaissance if not otherwise occupied.

Projected Timetable of Operations:

With the Black Omen’s assistance, DCMS forces expect to have this area retaken and back in Combine control within a month.

This should be a fairly easy assignment for a unit of this caliber.

GM Notes:

I would like to do some out of mech activity at some point, so everyone make sure your characters are properly geared up for desert and / or urban operations.


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