Black Omen

Operation Black Dragon Mystery - After Action Report and Phase 2 Prep

Warrenton Township

September 29th, 3067. (All times are local)

The remaining hostile ’mechs surrender to Black Omen forces.

The four “Word of Blake” dropships takeoff and boost to parts unknown.

The Battle Wagon makes landfall. Salvage / recovery operations begin and Black Omen ground troops begin securing the LAW facility.

A small group of 36 LAW employees (mostly graveyard shift custodial and maintenance staff) are found locked in the facility’s main cafeteria.

The LAW facility is secured. “Word of Blake” POWs are moved to an empty vehicle hangar on site for later processing / interrogation. The LAW employees are also moved to a more comfortable and secure area for further questioning.

Initial Intel
21 “WoB” Mechwarriors were taken alive. Three were killed during the battle. None of the survivors are talking, but they are complying with instructions and not resisting. They are not wearing Comstar / Word of Blake uniforms. Their clothing is generic and does not have any insignia or identifying marks.

Two “WoB” Aerospace pilots have been recovered. Like the ’Mechwarriors, they are also choosing to stay silent. The remaining four pilots are MIA. Based on gun-cam footage, two are presumed dead.

An inspection of the downed “WoB” ’mechs reveals they were hastily painted in Comstar colors. Some armor panels that were found with paint burned away indicate the ’mechs belong to a DCMS unit. Specifically, the 14th Alshain Avengers.

Initial conversations with the LAW employees indicate they were press-ganged by the invaders and spent three days moving completed artillery vehicles and ammunition from the factory to the waiting dropships. After that, the employees were moved to the cafeteria where it would be harder for them to observe any further activities. They estimated there were about 200 “WoB” personnel on site, with perhaps 60 of them being soldiers and the rest various technical personnel.

No hostile forces were encountered in the LAW facility. However, several vehicles were observed leaving the facility just before the Black Omen ’mechs landed. It is believed they contained the “WoB” personnel that initially took part in the raid. They took several routes and were lost track of due to forest canopy, or driving into the dense urban area of Warrenton. Local police are investigating but so far have no leads.

A number of locals that live near the facility have come forward. They say that the invaders would rotate four to eight ’mechs out on patrols west of Warrenton, near the ruined town of Chinn. The purpose of these patrols is unknown.

The local militia has continued its general unresponsiveness and has not moved out of its base in the town of Wessen. The militia commander has not returned recent communications.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have now, or we can discuss at our next session.

Now – 20:45

We will begin transitioning to Phase 2 of The Black Dragon Mystery!

To prepare for Phase 2, I need everyone to…

Step 1: Setting the scene(s)

Choose one of your characters currently participating in the campaign to head back to the dropship with their ’mech to oversee repairs, help with salvage operations, take a nap, whatever.

Choose one of your other characters to head on over to the LAW facility executive lounge. There will be a meet and greet with Black Omen staff and the local LAW executives. Dinner will be served and the lounge supposedly has an excellent open bar. (Bill is going!)

If you had a third character, he or she will be on perimeter patrol in their ’mech (I think this only applies to JC and Chuck. Maybe pick the ’mech that suffered the least amount of damage? Its up to you and The Commander).

Shawn, The Commander must be present at the meeting. I’m sorry that this limits your choices!

Also, does anyone besides Callie and Conrad have Sixth Sense?

Please reply to this e-mail with your selections. If I don’t hear back from you by Friday, May 19th, I will make the selections for you (or make you play an NPC!). :P

Step 2: Get your kit squared away!

What gear did you bring on this trip? What gear do your characters have on them at the moment? Do they carry their sniper rifles around with them 24/7? It might be good to know ahead of time! Having a couple of gear lists ready will help out a lot and save us from having to do impromptu shopping trips.


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