BattleTech mini scale info

From Chuck:
On Scales (warning, wall of text and stats coming)

So I did some googling: “officially” (at least according to wikipedia) BT figure scale is 1:285 also called ‘6mm’ because an average hight (5’7"?) human is something like 5.8mm tall, which rounds to 6mm. in that scale, a 10m mech is 35mm or 1.4" tall

Lately some folks have said there has been ‘scale creep’ (which could be specific to DA click-minis, I dunno) and I’ve seen numbers like 8mm or 10mm tossed around.

Per at least one message board, CAV has had two different scales 1:160 or 11.25mm and 1:180 or 10mm. based on what I am reading, the older scale was the larger one, and the newer one is smaller. (although other sources say the original figs were 2/3 N scale) Those are also according to the same board “N” and “SO” scales. (N is a common model railroad scale, no idea wtf ‘SO’ is ) in 1:180 a 10m mech is 55mm or 2.2" tall But CAV mechs are said to be “10 feet” tall (9.1m) so that probably accounts for why they are just a bit bigger but don’t completely tower over BT minis.

BT Map scale is based on a 1.25" wide hex representing a 30 meter space in the game. That comes down to 3.175cm:30m or (presuming I can math at this time on a friday) 1:948 we could round that to 1:950 for all I care if you want a nice round number that’s close enough for gov work.

If you see scales expressed as a number and not a ratio, the number is usually based on ‘height of a human’. Based on some forum discussions D&D figs were originally ‘25mm’ scale, but are now usually referred to as 28mm scale. (That comes out to pretty close to 5mm:1’, which could be the scale, or it could just as likely be that at that scale the figures look good on a 1" grid, which is standard for mapboards and such for D&D derivatives like Pathfinder. For buildings and such that would look right next to your usual ‘human’ mini, I’d look at stuff said to be 28mm scale, a lot of things seem to be labeled that way

Model railroad scales are mostly all a bunch larger O scale is 1/4"::1’ or 1:48 HO (so-called “Half O”) is 1:87.1 is based around 3.5mm/foot. N scale as mentioned above is 1:160, but apparently from some manufacturers is big as 1:148 (yeah for standards) The second smallest model railroad scale listed I can find is ‘z’ which is 1:220, so still bigger than mech mini scale, and more than 4 times larger than bt map scale. The smalllest of all is “T” scale, which is listed as 1:450 to 1:480 which would be really tiny compared to mech figures. If you were looking for things that looked OK close to mechs and used modelRR scales, Z is likely the one that would look closest to ‘right’

BattleTech mini scale info

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